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It may be that your requirement

is for emergency home or business repairs

seasonal preventive maintenance

or alternately

it may be the first step in a

"full make over come renovation program"

encompassing a general contractor

specific tradespersons, materials suppliers

landscapers, interior decorators

and interior/exterior furnishing suppliers

is a free service that offers

you a selection of skilled courteous workmen

within your local region ready to come to you

to do whatever you need

quickly & efficiently

and in the case of most repair jobs…

in one trip!




who you should employ to carry out work

on your business or home can be a daunting task

In recent years the media have quite literally

bombarded us with horrific tales

regarding poor workmanship

and warnings of the dreaded rogue trader

One can't be blamed for being on one's guard

in fact you have every right to be cautious

after all it's your hard earned cash

that's going to pay a tradesperson

to work on your project

so why should you accept either

second class service and/or fluctuating price



are generally multi-skilled retired tradesmen

that specialize in smaller lower budget jobs

These people take pride in the work they perform

which is reflected in the care and detail

found in the jobs they undertake

They treat this work like they are working

on their own homes!



Qualified Tradesmen & General Contractors

selected from's

regional listings typically look towards larger

repair, renovation, and extension works

They understand that your building

“Know How”

may be a little limited, as such they will establish

in conjunction with yourself a formal estimate

and a

“Bill of Works”

fully detailing the job that you require

whether it be for major repairs

maintenance or remodelling work

in a time frame that's pre-agreed by all



of tradespersons is a major concern

for home owners during all phases of a project

When extenuating circumstances prevent

service providers or contractors selected from

from arriving at pre-scheduled times

they're instructed to call and advise you

in advance as we understand

that you have much more productive ways

to spend your time than waiting on them

Every effort will be made to create flexibility

around your busy schedule

after all...

that may just be one of the reasons

why you chose to use the services

of trades and handy people from

Is designed to help you the consumer

make the right choice

when deciding on who to employ for your work

Simply Click

“Evaluating Tradespersons”

on our website menu

this little gem gives expert tips and establishes

a strategy that allows you to maximize

the estimate contract process to your advantage

which in turn will raise your level of expectancy

and establish the correct benchmarks

for service and quality of workmanship