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USA Overview
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USA Healthcare Overview

The USA is the world's richest nation, but is the only industrialised democracy that does not provide healthcare coverage for all of its citizens.

President Obama changed this with his landmark healthcare package successfully being approved by the Senate & Congress, the passing legislation

meant that 31 million uninsured American people received healthcare coverage at a cost of a furtherone trillion dollars making it the most important

piece of social legislation since the Social Security Act in the 1930's.


Healthcare in the USA represents approximately 17.1 of GDP, in other words, one in every six dollars spent is spent on Healthcare.

The Federal Governments Department of Health Care & HumanServies (HSS) budget for the period 2017/18 represents $3.27 TRILLION dollars

The California Department of Health Care & Service (DHCS) budget for the same period represents $93 BILLION


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) is the United States Government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans

and providing essential humanservices, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

The work of HHS is conducted by the Office of the Secretary and 11 agencies, the agencies perform a wide variety of tasks and services including research

public health, food and drug safety, grants and other funding, health insurance and many others.

OS - Office of the Secretary
ACF - Administration for Children & Families
AoA - Administration on Aging
AHRQ - Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease
CDC - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
FDA - Food & Drug Administration
HRSA - Health Resources & Services Administration
IHS - Indian Health Service
NIH - National Institutes of Health
OIG - Office of Inspector General
SAMHSA  - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration


According to census projections 2017 the USA population represents 326.88 million persons all of whom whether they be man, women, child, baby

or senior citizen will require on-going medical & healthcare services treatments & products from conception to burial.

 Census demographics show us that 147 million persons in the USA are 50 years of age and over.

14.1% are over age 65, the impending "Age Wave" will see these numbers increase 40% by 2030.


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018

is an outstanding healthcare entity that incorporates both Print & Internet properties within the healthcare marketplace, market research indicates that the

fully operable working models of product have explosive consumer demand as well as equally high grass roots professional, Industry & Governmental acceptance.

HCFF's intent is to seek either/or both State/Federal Government joint venture participation in a proposal to allow a free copy of the publication to be given to all

American persons aged 50 and over.

American Indian & Alaska Native persons have a specialized health section within the publication that addresses their specific health needs, it is proposed to give

free copies to these persons regardless of age.

Assuming 100% distribution covering all persons aged 50 and over in California we would have17.82 million person copies working

for the California Health Departments.

Using the same parameters on a 'National' basis it represents147 million person copies.


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018

“Prevention always comes First”

messages will directly impute the USA's healthcare system promoting “Inexpensive Medical Services”


“Highly Expensive Curative Medical Costs”

HCFF's would directly deliver to the Federal Government savings representing…

$73.5 Billion plus!

Simarly, California would reap savings representing...

$2.08 Billion plus!


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018

“A Directory” of a type not seen before!

This high quality reference directory consists of 748 pages (7 x 9 inches) printed on “no mess” high quality coated gloss stock incorporating eye catching layouts,

outstanding photography, high end graphics, artwork & charts that combine and assist a vibrant format of feature articles in all healthcare segments from

prominent specialists…

it's a “Must Have” for today's seniors!


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018

has been further purpose designed to provide direct assistance via “hard copy” print & Internet support in the locating, evaluating, and the using of healthcare

professionals, in the USA this represents 835,000 registered Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Eye, Ear, Chiropractic Specialists, its 19,000 Medical Group Practices

Nursing/Recuperative Facilities, its Hair Specialists, its 200,000 Dentists and its 60,000 practicing Pharmacists…

to mention but a few!


The regional & national medical industry is showcased (it's an industry not a profession) in all it's many components ranging from the smallest to the largest Public &

Private Hospitals, Local Medical Group Practices, Independent Family Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Eye, Ear, Foot, Hair, Scalp, Chiropractic

Dental Specialists, Pharmacy's & Pharmacists, Nursing/Recuperative Facilities, Homecare Services Providers, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Mobility Product

Distributors and the all encompassing Healthcare ProductManufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers.

The consumer (especially retiree's) are always alert to finding the best possible means of being able to quickly locate and “Best Buy” their associated day-to-day

healthcare requirements due to the high costs involved.


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018018

Is a “multiple duty vehicle” when it comes tto informing consumers to not only the whereabouts of local community healthcare facilities, but alsowhat wellness

programs they have to offer at both Regional, State and Federal Government levels.

The 868-page publication further includes seven specialist segments encompassing 4 paged ‘terrorism & earthquake survival' segments

(changing to ‘Cyclone & Flood Survival' in the Central, Midwest, Southern & Eastern States), a 34-page regional community ‘Get Active & Healthy' segment

a 17-page specialist ‘American Indian and Alaska Native healthcare' segment, an 8 page ‘Alternative Medicine' segment

a 4 page ‘Understanding Mental illness' segment and a 3 page ‘Child Abuse' segment.

HCFF's distribution modus operandi is a definite first within the healthcare industry

The perfect example of our distribution model is as follows:

All Professional Healthcare Service Provider Advertisers to receive 200 complimentary copies per Regional Medical Directory (RMD) Ad

as “giveaways” to clientele aged 50 and over.

A Clinic x 1 partner x 1 RMD Ad = 200 free copies x 5 partners x 5 RMD Ads = 1000 free copies.

Multiply 1 Ad x 1000 RMD Healthcare Service Provider Advertisers = 200,000 copy distribution.

Add, 313 Product/Service feature/display Ads x 100 copies = 31,300 copy distribution

Add, 5,000 copy distribution; Medi-Cal, Regional County, State & Federal Government Healthcare & Emergency Agencies/offices.

Add, 1,000 copy distribution for 'Food Banks & Charities' (Lions, Rotary etc) fundraising per grid.

Add 2700 reserve/support/other copy distribution.

All of which add up to create 1,313+ first class no cost regional distribution locations distributing 240,000 book copies in Toto .

(* basis; 50% of persons aged 50 and over)


Distribution outlets include..

Doctors offices Dentists Eye Centre's Medical Clinics Specialist Offices HospitalsPharmacies

Services Providers Healthcare Product Retailers Welfare Offices Medi-Cal Municipal Wellness Facilities

State & Federal Government Health Agencies


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2018's


is that all 8.88 million print copies of this outstanding

Custom Healthcare Directory