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The below listed RMD and Display/Feature Ads are shown for demonstration purposes

We have broken California into 4 regions encompassing 37 'Grids' x 1 million persons on average

Region 1. Southern California (10 grids) Region 2. Los angeles (10 grids)

Region 3 Central California (9 grids) Region 4 Northern California (8 grids)

Regional Medical Directory' (RMD) Ads from your local regions 4300+ healthcare professionals

allows you from the comfort of home when 'on-line web surfing' to fully evaluate your regional medical professionals

credentials, specialities, associated services and special offers by your regions specific zip codes.

The Display/Feature Ads will encompass professional service providers plus the phamecuetical companies,

the healthcare product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other associated healthcare businesses

which when combined in toto gives you an outstanding regional buyers catalogue!