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Your Comprehensive Regional Healthcare Directory contains clear, concise, indispensable knowledge in the principles of day-to-day

wellness, ailment symptoms & remedies, quick find medication advices, first aid for likely accidents or emergencies.

This revolutionary Internet healthcare guide & directory will score a direct hit with all persons when it comes to

reader ease of use & understanding. encompasses eye catching design, vibrant anotomy graphics in high quality digital

color that support feature articles from prominent medical practioners, specialists & healthcare professionals

covering all segments of healthcare treatments, therapies, services and rehabilitation.

'Comprehensive Medical History Records' are further included that once established are immediately available

to the individual, the family, the doctor, or emergency services in any time of need. is totally unique in that it individualizes 37 demographic regions

within California encompassing 1,000,000 persons on average, it furthers encompasses the whole spectrum of your

local regions 4200+ Medical Professionals. details each medical professionals formal qualifications, specialities,

their professionally associations, languages spoken at the practice, seniors discounts & benefits.

All of this comes in what we call the 'Regional Medical Directory' (RMD} listing.

The RMD listing comes in a templated format which allows you to then evaluate 'apples with apples' when deciding

which healthcare professional best suits your specific needs. RMD listings commence with your local...

GP's, Medical/Dental/Eye/Hearing Clinics, Specialist Surgeons, Hospitals, Imaging & Pathology

Plastic Surgeons, Laser Therapists, Pharmacies/Pharmacists/Chemists

... to mention but a few!

All you need to do is 'CLICK' on the 'Regional Medical Directorty' link. insert your Zip code

pick applicable healthcare service you require from the 'pop-up' menu (Doctor, Eye Specialist etc.)

hit 'ENTER' - Sit back, and review your local regions healthcare professionals credentials & specialities.


Most doctors have stopped making house calls

but not at

The best website in the healthcare business


Our internet site has also been purpose designed to support our "hard copy" print publication.'s Ailment & Medication Advisory information's allow you to research

any medical condition on-line in total privacy from the comfort of your home!

By being able to learn first hand at your own pace all there is to know about a particular ailment,

illness or health concern that you or a family member may be experiencing positions you to ask the right questions

and thereby make informed decisions during any follow upor subsequent visits to the doctor and/or specialist.'s underlying message at all times being;

Patients who take an active role in their healthcare generally do better along the road to recovery

whilst earning the respect of their doctor at the same time.

Our User Friendly 'TWO CLICK' Internet Site

allows you 24/7 within the comfort of home to quickly download symptoms, therapies, advice re medical ailments

you or a loved one may be suffering from

Simply Click on "Ailment Advisor"

Select the Medical Condition that you wish to research and let

do the rest

24 hours a day - 7 days a week (USA) Inc

The contents of are for informational purposes only, always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified

healthcare provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition.

All information's in regard to the extended medical directory is solely the responsibility of the advertising practitioner and/or his/her practice

and has not been verified by the publisher. whether in book or electronic formats always remains the property of (USA) Inc and may

not be printed reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical photo recording or

otherwise without the written permission of (USA) Inc

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