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Technology is changing the face of newspapers, magazines & directory advertising dramatically.

Since the internet was invented just 25 years ago we have seen the evolution from analog products such as vinyl recordings

fixed telephones, photographic film, bulky television sets to all digital systems shaped by the advances in the broad categories

of I.T., Telecommunications, and the Internet.

Technological change in the form of Tablets/I-Pad's are further squeezing newspaper circulation which has declined from 2007 by 30%.

Yellow Pages will hit the wall soon due to the fact that one cannot use it as an “evaluation tool" as required by today's consumer

in today's marketplace, consumers are demanding more that the basics, i.e.; supplier/service name, location & phone number.

Consumers love things that just work reliably and seamlessly,'s advertising juggernaut will shortly

encompass the whole spectrum of Medical Practices and Healthcare Related Business's throughout California via 37 multiple Zip code grids

approximating one million persons on average. has been purpose designed to provide detailed assistance to consumers in their

evaluation of healthcare professional service providers, associated medications & healthcare products.


We respectfully request 15 minutes of your valuable time to allow a “first hand insight” into what savvy healthcare

related businesses are making their # 1 priority for 2020

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) mission is to preserve and improve the health status of all

Californians from all walks of life. DHCS in the period of 2020 will administer a health care services budget totalling

$107.4 Billion...

or one in every six dollars received by Government.

Demographics show us that 45% of the California population (39.59 million) are 50 years of age and over

14.1% are over the age of 65. the impending 'Age Wave'. will see these numbers increase by 40% by 2030. debuts last quarter 2020 within each of our 37 regional x 1 million person pre-designated mutiple Zip code

Californian Ad grids directly promoting all aspects of the areas medical professionals and healthcare services providers.

Riverside County has been selected as the first of the designated regions due to its demographics approximating

two x one million person grids

As previously stated, the need for new direction and new tools in the promotion of your business therefore becomes of strategic importance

you may therefore wish to consider the following 'key facts'...

FACT # 1

"Your audience is a moving parade"

Yellow Page listings and/or weekly/monthly print media is simply not sufficient to maintain and expand your business in today's

much faster moving environment, your Ad has a minimal

'shelf life of 24/365'

in your specific region of business

your average newspaper, magazine, TV, radio advertisement 'has a shelf life of only 24 hours'


FACT # 2

"New tools are needed"

to expand your advertising demographics leading to the enlargement of your base clientele

therebye creating a new generation of revenues & profits.

has those "new tools"

healthcare factfinder .com's marketing strategy is to offer all regional healthcare professionals and national healthcare product

manufacturers/distributers/retailers/others the following FREE SIX MONTH, ‘No Obligation', advertising package.

  FREE 6 months ‘trial period'

•  FREE Ad design

  FREE Multiple Product Display/Feature Ad insertions via associated ailments

(e.g. ‘Aspirin' Ads could be inserted under ‘headaches, blood thinners, aches & pain, coughs & colds, anti-inflammatory')

•  FREE 6 months ‘Coupon Bank Listings/Offerings

Ad Sizes: Full page - Half page - Third Page - Banner - RMD

At the end of the FREE ‘trial period' RMD & Display/Feature advertisers have the option to enter into a

12- month contract or have their FREE Ad withdrawn.


As at November 2019 the ABS estimated there was 128,58 million US households, US family households represent 2.65 persons on average.

Each of's 37 regional multi Zip code grids represents 428,600 homes on average.

Each grid represents one million persons on average , assuming your local region meets this criteria (don't forget your neibouring regions)

your advertising message in your local region would reach 400,000+ homes representing a

minimum of 1 million potential man, woman, child consumers of healthcare services & products from conception to burial.


FACT # 3

"Advertise with us"

When you add the key facts to the following "advertise with us" informations and take into account that this specialist

healthcare guide & directory encompasses eye catching design, pertinent articles by healthcare professionals, medical ailment

and medication advisory segments, then our 'healthcare information laden website' is the right platform to showcase...

your logo

your message

your invitation



A relaxed viewer is a responsible viewer, persons seeking to source healthcare services and products are not impulse buyers,

they normally make decisions only after they are free from distractions and day-to-day concerns, and...

most importantly...

only after reviewing what's available & new in town, the facts are indisputable...


Display/Feature ads enhance your professional image, awareness of logos whilst highlighting the important benefits your

practice or business offers to the healthcare buying public in all their different segments.

We therefore present two advertising formats for your consideration

1. The Regional Medical Directory - RMD Listing(s)

2. Display/Feature Advertisement(s)



The RMD is an exciting new means of advertising your practice, if you're a medical professional or associated service

provider we strongly recommendthat you place an RMD listing per professional in your practice(s) without delay as listings

are inserted in order taken, not alphabetically.

An RMD listing covers a third of a page in your nominated business category

(e.g. Doctor - Regional, Medical Clinic, Dentistry, Eye Services, Hearing Services, etc)

The RMD comes in a strict 4 template format

Templates 1-3

encompass a picture of the practitioner, the practitioners full name & title/letters

the business name, address, Zipcode, phone #, website & email addresses.

Template 4 consists of three specifics

Medical School / Certifications

2 lines under which to list same.

Hospital Affiliations / Memberships

2 lines under which to list same.

Specialties / Additional Information

6 lines under which to list same.

The cost of an RMD listing ($1,950.00) when broken down in conjunction with each grids 1 million potential clientele

it represents to you the advertiser

a cost of less than ZERO POINT ONE OF A CENT (0.01 cent) per person, per annum

seeing your professional message in your local area of operation.



78% of the buying public choose from Display/Feature ads when looking for services or products, you can score a direct hit

with over 400,000 households (1 million persons on ave.) in your region of operations when they need to know 'where to locate & best buy'

their associated healthcare requirements.

If needed will design a low cost ad package that will deliver a clear, uncluttered, highly graphical

sales message that will always be there “to tell your story” no matter what time, what day, potential clientele choose to look for you.


Compare the cost of a half page display/feature ad with a national Healthcare magazine

publication with a national distribution run of 300,000 per month, an ad price approximating $15K, one can clearly see that when compared on an

'apples for apples' basis that the Healthcare's magazine advertisement cost equates to 5 cents per person, per month half page ad cost of $4,150.00 by comparison equates to

a cost of less than 0.01 cents per person, per annum





There are two types of customers, the 'known'. and the 'unknown' customer

you already do business with the Known Customer gives you the ability to access the largest segment of the marketplace…



The Unknown Customer may be new to the area, dissatisfied with a competing service provider/product supplier or,

one from a regional area, interstate, overseas planning to establish quality healthcare services

This Vast Reservoir of New Clientele Compares

Qualifications Specialities Product Quality Cost Location

The RMD information's are the information's that today's consumer demands in their evaluations of specific practitioners

from whom they will select a provider, market survey's demonstrating the RMD format have met with high approval from the public

as they like this means of comparing 'apples with apples'


The following benefits

are what you don't get from Yellow Pages, Magazine or Newspaper Ads# 1

# 1



# 2


By cross linking your Website to we create search engine “Link Popularity” which both Google & Yahoo

place high importance on in regard to how they list sites, this allows your Website to do...


# 3

100 ADVERTISER LISTINGS/SEGMENTS has 100 plus professional services & associated healthcare product listings/segments,

for example, if you're a Medical Clinic you could list under “Medical Clinics” or “Doctors - Regional”, if you fancy a second listing

you could consider "AAA Urgent Care" or one of your specialties e.g.. “Women's Healthcare”

# 4


Potential clientele can download any special coupon offers that you may wish to make


NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE! is a purpose designed website that has specific capability in being able to access on a daily basis

87% (110.57 million) of America's 128 million households (statista 2020) who are connected to high speed broadband.

We offer all persons/consumers in these households (2.65 persons on ave) via a simple “click on their screen” immediate access to

your complete range of healthcare services & products regionally, nationally, internationally.

keeps its 'Advertisers Message' in the consumer's eye

24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week 365 Days A Year

See who really delivers