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The Australian Federal Government Health Care budget for financial year 2017-2018 represented

$94.2 BILLION DOLLARS in expenditures.

Australian consumer personal Healthcare related expendtures represent an additional $100 Billion Dollars

Total Australian Healthcare expenditures in 2017-2018 represents $195 Billion Dollars


The Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Ageing is the Australian government's principal agency for protecting

the health of all Australians and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

According to the ABS, current Australian population as at June, 2018 represented 24.8 million persons, all of whom whether they

be man, women, child, baby or senior citizen will require on-going medical & healthcare services. treatments & products from

conception to burial.

In 2016-2017, Australians claimed 394 million GP services through Medicare, patients with diabetes have longer consultations

than many others, about 1.2 million people have diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, and 97 per cent of them have at least one other

chronic condition - 40% have five or more, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoarthritis, ischaemic heart

disease and depression are the most common.

The study also shows that older patients are taking up an increasing proportion of GP services, and are giving more reasons

for their visit than a decade ago, the reasons mainly being for depression, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, and hypothyroidism.

Researchers also that GPs made more referrals than a decade ago, with about 3.7 million more to medical specialists,

and 3.5 million more to allied health services.

Census demographics show us that 43% of persons in Australia (10.66 million) are 45 years of age and over, 1 in 8 is over the

age of 65, the impending "Age Wave" will see these numbers increase 40% by 2020.

HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019 is the consumer's “road map” to adopting healthier behaviors (e.g., regular physical activity,

a healthy diet, a smoke free lifestyle) and getting regular health screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, cholesterol

checks, bone density tests, etc. all of which dramatically reduces the risks associated with ageing.

HCFF's underlying message being...

The three leading causes of death for individuals in Australia over the age of 45 are major cardiovascular diseases 40%, cancer 22 %,

stroke 7%, falls are the leading cause of injury death and can have significant psychological and social consequences.

Three behaviors - smoking, poor diet, and physical inactivity are the actual causes of almost 35 percent of Australian deaths.

HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019 is an outstanding healthcare entity that incorporates both Print & Internet properties within the

healthcare marketplace.

HCFF's “Prevention Always Comes First” strategy is based on giving a FREE COPY to all persons aged 45 and over promoting

“Inexpensive Medical Services” versus “Highly Expensive Curative Medical Costs”

Australian Indigineous persons have a specialized healthcare segment within the publication that addresses their specific health needs,

it is proposed to give free copies to these persons regardless of age.

The Federal Government spends an average $3,800 per person on healthcare, if just 5% of persons aged 45 and over

used HCFF as their 'medical reference tool' and acted upon its overriding message 'Prevention Allways Comes First' it would represent

a minium saving of $190 per person reaping the Federal Government savings of…

$2.03 Billion plus per annum!

HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019 has been further purpose designed to provide direct assistance via “hard copy” print and Internet support

in the locating evaluating, and the using of healthcare professionals, in Australia this represents over 75,000 registered GP's,

its 1,500 Medical Group Practices, Plastic Surgeons, its 4,000 Optomrtrists, its 2,600 Audiologists, Chiropractic Specialists,

Nursing/Recuperative Facilities, its Hair Specialists, its 15,000 Dentists and its 30,000 practicing Pharmacists…

to mention but a few!

HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019 is a “multiple duty vehicle” when it comestto informing consumers to not only the whereabouts

of local community healthcarefacilities, but also what wellness programs they have to offer at both the Regional, State, and Federal Government

levels, the consumer (especially retiree's) are always alert to finding the best possible means of being able to quickly locate and “Best Buy”

their associated day-to-day healthcare requirements due to the high costs involved.

The 868-page publication further includes eleven specialist segments encompassing;

•  45-page regional community ‘Get Active & Healthy' segment

•  21-page ‘Indigenous Healthcare' segment

•  14 Page ‘Incontinence Overview' segment

  8-page ‘Alternative Medicine' segment .

•  5-page ‘Drug Use & Abuse' segment

•  5-page ‘Alzheimer's Disease' segment

•  4-page ‘Terrorism - What you need to Know' segment

•  4-page ‘Identifying Suicide Symptoms' segment

•  4-page ‘Bushfire Survival' segment

(‘Earthquake & Flood Survival' will be included in subsequent editions)

•  3-page ‘Understanding Mental illness' segment

•  3-page ‘Child Abuse' segment

Market research in both Australia and the USA indicates that the fully operable print model has explosive consumer

demand, as well as equally high Industry acceptance.


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019's

HCFF's prevention messages will directly impact Australia's healthcare system via its promotion of

'Inexpensive Medical Services'


'Highly Expensive Curative Medical Costs'


HEALTHCARE factfinder 2019

A "Healthcare Directory” of a type not seen before! - it's a “Must Have” for today's seniors!  

10.66 million print copies of this outstanding

Custom Medical Directory & Healthcare Guide


imagine having a "one off" Ad

"with a shelf life of 12 months"

in your specific region of business

what are you doing about it .... ???